Market Leaders

Bell American is built on a substantially differentiated business model. Each geographic region is led by a Market Leader who operates his or her market with great local autonomy while receiving support from the central organization.

Tina Locklear – North Carolina

Lois Leopard – South Carolina

Debra Western – Great Lakes 1

Trey Crim – Great Lakes 2

Jon Aiello – Indiana 1

Scott Pletzke – Indiana 2

Tim Stancil – Missouri 1

Missy Shriver – Missouri 2

Department Heads

Our Department Heads work together with our senior operating team to support the growth of Bell American.

Betsy Mercado, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Diann Banaszek, Marketing Partner

Pat Eulberg, Vice President of Real Estate

Ron Igarashi, Vice President of Finance

Kasey Mania, Vice President of Procurement

Jacqueline Lee, General Counsel

JP Wiedemer, Senior Vice President of Finance and Accounting

Charles Jarrett, Senior Vice President of Information Technology